Volunteer / Learn

Volunteers and interns have been a key part of Rucore’s work over the past two decades, adding considerable value in the process and learning and growing themselves.

Recognizing the value of diversity in knowledge and skills transfer, we welcome volunteers and interns with interests in any of a wide range of issues relating to sustainable development. Rucore supports a number of community development initiatives where volunteers can make valuable contributions and gain unique experience, including Tlholego Ecovillage and Learning Centre (Get involved) in the Northwest Province, and Thandanani Gardening Club (Thandanani) and Mambulu Village in Kwazulu Natal. Volunteers / interns can play an active role in the community should they choose to and can potentially attend workshops of interest.

Focus areas include:

  • Integrated development
  • Water stewardship
  • Food security, sustainable farming and permaculture land design
  • Ecological sanitation
  • Appropriate technologies
  • Earth architecture
  • Climate adaption

There may also be opportunities to work on sustainability projects within our networks, including:

  • Ashoka water stewardship collaboration
  • Integral Without Borders

Possibilities for volunteer/intern roles include:

  • Organizational development and capacity building
  • Media and promotion
  • Construction and sustainable technology systems
  • Youth education and early childhood development
  • Farming and gardening production systems
  • Grant proposal writing and fundraising
  • Community based  enterprise development
  • Sustainability education and workshop facilitation

Volunteers who come for shorter periods of time may choose to be involved in a range of activities, filling needs as they arise, or participating in a specific project (i.e. helping build a compost toilet). Those interested in taking more of a leadership role in a specific project or filling a particular role for a longer period of time can negotiate a more formal internship. Comfortable accommodation and meals will be provided in exchange for full time work. Volunteers are asked to make a small contribution to cover living expenses. To apply, please email a CV and/or letter or intent describing your background and interest in applying to


Prospective volunteers are interviewed either via email, Skype or telephone.

Our values will give you a feel for the qualities we look for in volunteers / interns.

  • Learn constantly from global and local thinking and experience.  We apply solutions on the ground, live with them, and foster these ideas until they are robust and replicable.
  • Embrace the power of both individual and collective creativity, integrating different views and systems to inform and inspire greater potential.
  • Share our knowledge, our experience and our learnings, helping others to replicate what works.  Our core mission is to foster effective economic, social and environmental systems for the world.
  • Build resilience, because innovation requires courage, integrity, agility, determination and resourcefulness.