Rucore is a social enterprise focused on connecting ecology to strategies for rural development and sustainability. Rucore works with global networks, foundations and social entrepreneurs to inspire communities, innovate and build capacity through long-term investment and mentorship programmes. Rucore also provides BEE  services and tax incentives and partners with corporations and individuals in social and economic nation building projects.

We inspire human potential through sustainability thinking and practice.

For us at Rucore, greater human potential leads to a better quality of life and increased capacity for conscious development, because our finite material world needs more effective economic, social and environmental systems. We do this through practical application of leading sustainability thinking and appropriate engagement in community settings. We draw from the wisdom in nature and potential in individual and collective human systems – adapting, experimenting, challenging each other, learning, sharing and then replicating what works.

You can invest in our sustainability projects, donate to further our work, partner in sustainability thinking and / or practice, volunteer your energy and expertise or invite us to get involved in your community.

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