Rucore is structured as a non-profit company NPC (registration number: 9100811/08) and is also a registered Non Profit Organization with the Department of Social Development (registration number: 007-332 NPO).

The application for Section 18A status (which provides for tax deductible donations) is in process, however we are able to provide tax incentives for donors through our partner The Farm and Garden Trust. NPO Certificate

Rucore is audited annually by an independent auditing firm and is governed by the following Board of Directors:

Paul Cohen

Paul Cohen is an innovator in the area of African sustainable communities. He has more than 20 years experience in the practical implementation of sustainability thinking within a rural development environment. As executive director of the Rucore Sustainability Foundation, his work has focused on restoring whole ecosystems and building sustainable communities at the household, village and regional scale. In 1997 Paul was awarded an Ashoka fellowship. Paul has a BSc in mechanical engineering and MPhil in sustainable development. Paul is a member of the Living Tao Foundation (USA) and is a student of Tai Ji.

Cell: +27 72 638 8580
Skype: paulcohen302

“What inspires me about Rucore is …the opportunities to innovate at the leading edge of community sustainability and work closely with rural villages. ”

Stephne Fain

Stephne has been directly involved in rural development since 1994. She is the Finance and Programme Director for the Rucore Sustainability Foundation and enjoys the diversity of life experience that her projects offer. She currently lives with her family at one of their rural projects, Tlholego Ecovillage. With a BA in Psychology and Social Sciences, her main interest is to improve the quality of rural livelihoods. Stephne strives to introduce diverse innovative educational themes, events and social activities that allow for new possibilities to emerge. As a practitioner of psychosomatic therapy for over 20 years, her interest is to inspire greater consciousness as essential for living more sustainably.

Cell: +27 72 118 7357
Skype: stephnefain

“What inspires me about Rucore is … that it allows me to support talented individuals and communities who are driven to transform their lives but who do not have the resources or the mentors around to assist them.”

Ben Mosiane

Ngaka Ben Mosiane is a university lecturer at Fort Hare University. He has spent much of his working life teaching geography at institutions of higher learning. He is also passionate about local community work, which for him is another site of acquiring (and hopefully imparting) knowledge. His research and teaching interests center around cities and the extent to which they can provide ordinary people with social, political, and economic opportunities for constructing livelihoods.

“I like Rucore because of the practical links between basic activities such as food production, housing construction, and the building of livelihoods to big issues of sustainability, climate change, and the meanings of well-being or ill-being. The Tlholego Ecovillage is a fascinating site for such an encounter between ideas and practices”.

Georgina Jaffee

Georgina Jaffee has had many years experience in the NGO sector and is also an organisational development practitioner and development coach. She is a certified executive coach and has been working in this area for 10 years. She is passionate about finding new ways for people and communities to live and communicate and is involved in a range of development initiatives. She has won numerous awards for her pioneering work in the urban sector in the 1980’ where she started an NGO committed to affordable housing in the inner city of Johannesburg. Georgina is trained as a sociologist and has a MA from the University of Toronto. Georgina currently lives in Cape Town.

Paul Ndude

Paul Ndude is a software developer, architect, website designer and shameless aspiring farmer who has a strong passion for sustainable development. He’s been programming since 2005 while pretending to be, in various guises, a mathematician and aspiring doctor – when all that got a bit rough on the nerves, he became a software developer. His programming experience includes C/C++, C#, SQL, MFC, ASP, ASP.NET, and far, far too much VB. He has worked on PocketPCs, Cellphones, ATMs and now trying out the wonderful world of Android but finds notebooks take up less desk space. Paul studied at the University of Cape Town and the University of Johannesburg, has a degree in Bsc Computer Science and Mathematics.

Anu Pillay

Anu Pillay has a long history in the development and humanitarian sectors of South and Southern Africa, West Africa, India and the Pacific Islands. She works primarily from a feminist perspective where women are critical to global transformation and creating an inheritable world for her grand and great-grand children. Anu finds being part of Rucore an exciting and interesting engagement, given that her work now includes climate change and disaster risk management. She first engaged with Paul Cohen through the Ashoka Innovators Programme and also through her work with the Sustainability Institute in Stellenbosch.

“Working with Rucore gives me the opportunity to contribute my knowledge and experience of sustainable development from a feminist and gender perspective and to learn more about the issues of ecological and sustainable rural development.”

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