International Advisory Board

  • Max Lindegger (Ecovillage Pioneer, Australia)
  • Joseph Kennedy (Educator and Architect, USA)
  • Robina McCurdy (Permaculture and Community Educator, New Zealand)
  • Dr. Joanne Tippett (Sustainability Academic, UK)
  • Buddy Williams (Architect, USA)
  • Paul van Schaik (Integral Development Specialist, Italy)
  • Chrisna DuPlessis (Sustainability Academic, SA)
  • Dr. Ian Goldman (National Development Specialist, SA)
  • Prof. Mark Swilling (Sustainability Academic, SA)
  • Ewald Viljoen (Permaculture Educator, SA)
  • Jeremiah Kidd (Rainwater Harvesting Specialist, USA)
  • John Wilson (Africa Development Specialist, Zimbabwe)

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