Invest / Donate

Why invest?

  • Contribute to innovating new ways of living more sustainably, leaving a legacy for future generations.
  • Tax deductibility for your donation / investment via our partner The Farm and Garden Trust. (Rucore’s application for its own Section 18A status is in process.
  • As a corporate operating in South Africa, earn BBBEE scorecard points for socio-economic development and enterprise development.
  • Be inspired by and get in touch with on the ground projects with tangible results, for example:
    • Building housing and infrastructure using locally available materials and showcase an effective alternative to low-cost housing at Tlholego Village
    • Support integrated, cross-cultural learning at Tlholego Village
    • Invest in climate-smart permaculture-based food gardens at Thandanani which support 90 rural women and their families.
    • Help provide composting toilets as a safer form of sanitation at Cata Village
    • Support courses and training that have to date inspired over 3000 people in natural building, permaculture design and eco-village developments, furthering South Africa’s potential to innovate in the face of change.

For governance-related information, please click here.

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