Tlholego Ecovillage History

The Tlholego Ecovillage and Learning Centre was established by the Rucore Sustainability Foundation in 1990 as a practical way of learning about sustainability and sustainable development in a post Apartheid South Africa.

Tlholego is one of South Africa’s pioneer centers for permaculture education, natural building and ecovillage development.  It consists of a residential village, training center, eco-venue and demonstration site. Over the past 20 years Tlholego has:

•    Established itself as a diverse cross-cultural community comprising 25 members today (Tlholego Community Members) from several families and young unmarried adults. We live in community, some of us work at the Learning Centre each with defined roles and responsibilities and others find employment in the surrounding area.

•    Attracted over 3000 visitors who seek inspiration for innovative approaches to sustainability challenges. What is offered has evolved through a process of practicing, learning and teaching sustainable approaches to community development in a changing world. Tlholego is a “Living and Learning Centre” that inspires both farm workers and urban dwellers towards adopting more integral and sustainable lifestyles.

•    Continues to work with leading organizations and professionals from southern Africa and globally to develop and refine their understanding and strategies for sustainable communities and rural livelihoods. Tlholego’s main areas of expertise relate to facilitating training programs in farming and gardening, rainwater harvesting, sustainable construction (housing and village planning) as well as youth leadership, healing and sustainability. Tlholego has many years experience in establishing self-reliance community systems with a strong emphasis on climate adaption strategies.

View early pictorial beginnings of Tlholego here. (Tlholego Overview March 09).


Tlholego is strategically placed between the Magaliesburg Nature Reserve and the Molokwane Iron-Age heritage site. It lies within the platinum rich region of Rustenburg where traditional livelihoods are competing with development and urbanization.

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