What motivates us to do sustainable community development?

Humanity faces complex opportunities and challenges that are forcing us to adapt and change…

  • As individuals we are inspired by the potential that humanity has to innovate in the face of change, drawing from nature’s processes, traditional knowledge and the individual and collective human spirit.
  • Crucial to humanity’s future is improving local food and water systems and delivering higher quality nutrition.
  • As communities we need to undertake the problems of over-consumption and leverage our collective wisdom towards a healthier balance of material and non-material well-being.

At Rucore, we access and contribute to today’s growing scope of sustainable technologies in order to leverage the potential of these for wider application in South Africa and globally.

Our belief is that for humanity to move toward a more sustainable future we need to rethink the design of our communities. Shared patterns of living have been the norm for most of human history, and current development strategies are causing these social structures to fragment, leading to increased misery and strife. However, South Africa also has a rich heritage of community structures and culture, especially in rural areas, which can contribute meaningfully towards a framework for more conscious, sustainable living.

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