Climate Adaption

Responding to climate change

Climate change and adaptation in African agriculture

Mitigating Climate Change

Earth Architecture and Sustainable Construction

Tlholego Building System

Sustainable Building Technology Manual

AT&IKS Department of Housing study

Food Security, Sustainable Farming and Permaculture Land Design

Soil Fertility Management

Small Scale Chicken Production

Preparation and Use of Compost

Cultivation of soya and Other Legumes


Protection of stored grains and pulses

Propagating and Planting Trees

Protected Cultivation


Non Chemical Crop Protection

Donkeys for traction and tillage

Small-scale seed production

Bee Products

Ethnoveterinary medicine

Nurseryman and his trees

When we take care of the land

Defining Ecological Farming 2009

Eco-agriculture policy focus

Academy Year Book

Permaculture & The Outdoor Classroom

Edible Rooftop Gardening

Learning Agricultures, Sustainable Small Scale Farming

Seed to Seed Public

Integrated Development

An experiment in living and learning

Baile-Dulra-West Cork Eco-Hamlet Project

Communicating Sustainability – Kosmos

Integral Ecology

Introduction to Integral Theory

Overview of Integral Theory

David Holgren Mellio – Introduction

Economics for Sustainabiity

Sustainable Communities – An Integral Perspective

Beyond You & Me

Sanitation and Sustainability Technologies

Composting Toilet

Health Aspects of Dry Sanitation

SEI cataloge 09

Closing The Loop – Ecological sanitation for food security

Low-Cost Compost Toilets

Water Stewardship and Rainwater Harvesting


Establishing and managing waterpoints for village livestock

Ecological Building and Design – Water and Waste-water

Rainwater harvesting for domestic use

Water Harvesting and Soil Moisture Retention

Water Use in Permaculture

Rain Gardens Final Report

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